Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Olivia absolutely loves her bath time. All I have to do is start the bath water and she comes crawling as fast as she can. She would play in there for hours if I let her. I love these pictures but I must warn you now, there is a cute naked bum shown below!

Blackmail pictures! I love them. She is so dang cute.


Just a day before Olivia turned 7 months, she started crawling and there's no stopping her now! She is into absolutely everything. I spend all my time chasing her! She also pulls herself up along the couches and coffee table. Recently she found my silk tree and has turned the moss at the base into a dang confetti machine. She throws it up in the air and giggles. She also loves pushing the on and off button to the T.V. over and over and over and over again, especially while Mom and Dad are trying to watch a movie. Let me tell you all how much fun that is. Actually, I'm sure all of your kids have done the same thing. I'm just finally starting to catch up to the rest of you. These pictures are taken a few months ago and as of now, Olivia has taken a few steps. She isn't walking yet but she is definitely flirting with the idea. I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Then the fun will really begin ?!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Summer in a Nutshell

The 24th celebration was so nice this year. We had a lot of fun spending time with our family and friends. We didn't make it to the parade but we did go to the dinner and fireworks show afterwards. It was a lot of fun.
The fireworks show was awesome this year. They always do a great job and Bryan was able to get some really cool pictures for me. We were a little unsure of how Olivia would do with them but surprisingly enough, she loved them. She just laid on my lap in amazement! It definitely made the evening more enjoyable to not have an upset baby.

Bryan turns 28! Such an old guy! His birthday was July 6th and I got him one of his favorite movies...So I Married an Axe Murderer! Funny guy!

Olivia is just STUFFED with personality. She is constantly making us laugh. She had quite the time one afternoon in her Jenny Jump Up and I was able to catch a few pictures. Such a fun girl!

This summer was our first Jacob Family Reunion. We all drove up to Alpine and camped for 3 days and had a blast. The weather was beautiful and we were right in the middle of a meadow by a creek so everyone fished and played games the whole time. It was so much fun. So relaxing! Everyone was able to make it which included 8 grand kids, 5 of us kids with their spouses, and my mom and dad. We all can't wait to go back next year!
My mom found this adorable beenie at the Children's Place for $0.19. I absolutely love it. There are matching gloves as well.
All of the grand kids with Nannie and Papa!

By day 3 everyone was pretty dirty but the nice thing about going camping with my dad and brothers is that you camp in style. Because they are outfitters they have the equipment and capabilities of making camp the most comfortable it could possibly be. We had it made! My dad even scrubbed out the back of his horse trailer and hooked up a nice hot shower in there for us. It sounds kind of weird but it was and felt FANTASTIC! Olivia, however, got the blue bucket bath and absolutely loved it. It made for some really cute pictures and she soaked us all as she played in the water. We all had such a fun time camping together and are really looking forward to going back next summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Been a While...

It's been nearly 4 months, I know. Quite ridiculous! It's all because we were off to Switzerland yodeling in the alps...okay, that's a big fat lie. Truth is we just lead a completely ordinary life and have no exciting news to report. Of course, we do have this insanely adorable little girl who is growing like a weed. Olivia is just over 5 months old now and is so much fun. She has discovered how to roll over and is just as pleased with herself as ever. Her laugh is so contagious and we can't get enough of her. As far as the rest of us goes... Bryan is currently enjoying his summer break from school and is in search of a job, which we are finding out is hard to come by and I am still working for my dad in our home. Overall, things are going really good for us. We are alive and happy, what more can you ask for?!

Our little munchkin. There is no sense in posting any pictures of the family mainly because, there really aren't any pictures of the family. A snap shot here and there but as you can see most of our pictures are of Ms. Olivia. How could you not use up your entire memory card on that face. Look at it...pretty cute if you ask me! Family pictures are coming soon though, hopefully.

Olivia has been so anxious to sit up by herself so we borrowed my sisters Bumbo chair. She has a lot of fun in it and enjoys sitting on the counter in it while we cook dinner. One night we set her in it and the three of us sat down and watched a movie. It was pretty fun. I was surprised she lasted that long in it. Thank goodness for the Bumbo!

Until next time...Adios Amigos!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bryan blessed Olivia on February 1st and did such a good job. My grandmother made Olivia's dress and it looked beautiful on her. She wasn't too fond of all the lace but was a good sport.

TUESDAY, February 10, 2009

Hooray! Hooray! We finally created a blog! We decided to go ahead and join the 21st Century! We have had such a busy few months with a newborn in the house. Although it's been fun, we have quickly learned that we have a new little boss. Luckily, she is such a good little baby. She has been sleeping all night for the past few weeks now and is full of personality. We are quite fond of her and her many grins.